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odies bondsman


-left click

-u can use spacebar to skip diolague i guess


-fun matching game

-like 4 whole characters

-wacky cool story


-made with real genuine maths

-lots of hexagons

-you won't want to leave

*every 3rd win opens a button

in the main menu






mac and linux downloads coming soon!

[ ǐ̩̪̦̦̥ͫ̂͐̎ͨṉ̬̦̳̼̔͛̒̎͒͋ͭv͖͙̜̲̲ͯ͐ͨ͑̇ͧo͈̫͍̹ͭ͋ͮ͑̊̃ͅk̭̩̙͆͂ͧ͊e̞̩͓͗̈́͂ͧͣ͑ͩ ͔̖͚͋͐̾c͔̖̣̯̳̤͔̻̒̓̾̒ͤͥ̚ͅḣ̞̎ḁ̟̟͖ͯͤ͛ͦ̎̋̌ͨ̀o̱̣̠͆̈̂ŝ͚̳ ]


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Made a video


So i played the game but didn't realize there was more to it...

The play button on the menu does not light up and it will not let us press the button either.

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Hi Spudcats! Could you tell me what you've tried. Can you press any other buttons, or is just the play button not working? Is the entire screen frozen? (the eye should follow the cursor). What are your specs? have you tried playing in and out of fullscreen mode? Thanks for your patience.


The other two buttons work, the eye follows the cursor, the game starts in full screen, nothing freezes, I believe the main problem is only with the play button not lighting up and not being a button. Also the info page looks like this when we go to it.

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possibly the title on the menu is overlaying the play button causing it to not be recognized and making the button not activate. The info page image is possibly too big causing the image to be restricted and overlap itself. Don't actually know the possible causes just thinking of possibilities.


I found the problem and fixed it. You should be able to click the play button now. I also fixed the info page. There was a sizing issue because of the screen resolution. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you encounter any other issues. Thank you for helping me debug! Hope you have fun playing odies bondsman 


Happy the problem was a simple fix and we will try to play it again

The box in the bottom left needs be smaller because it blocks the players view of the puzzle