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You are trapped in a freezing room and starving. You must get to the warmth. The small amount of sun is not enough to keep you alive. Get to the opening, at the top of the room, to live in warmth. To get up there you must gather wood and thatch from a ominous manmade river. To quench your hunger you can gather potatoes and eat them RAW! LIKE A REAL FUCKING MAN! Have fun!

The Basics:

- DON'T touch the water, you will get hurt

- DON'T pickup the glowing rocks (they will explode, and it will not be fun)

- If you lose health, stand under the sunlight to regenerate health

- Your hunger will slowly lower, eat food with [F], you will need food to do this

- You don't take fall damage, so jump off anything you'd like

- Move with [W][A][S][D]

- Jump with [Space]

- Press [B] to open / close the build menu

                                   - Press [Mouse 0] to build selected object

                                   - Press [R] to rotate selected object

                                   - Press [Z] to delete selected object

                                   - Scroll to change selected object

- Press [Tab] to open / close your materials menu

- Press [F] to eat

- Press [E] to pickup object

- Press [T] to open show your time

- Hold [Esc] to exit the game

Install instructions

1. Download

2. Open the .rar file

3. Open "Greed - 2018 Taira Gamejam" application


Greed - 2018 Taira Gamejam.rar 39 MB


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Not very positive game, but I found the idea interesting. The different things you have to take into account make this a pretty challenging game and so there's always this sense of danger too. The game runs pretty well with even the most modest of specs, which is of course nice.

If you're interested, you could enter this game to our Game Development World Championship, we also have a class for jam games!